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This has to get better

So an election is officially coming, depressingly, the opposing parties are have already reduced their campaigns to negative cheap shots at each other. I have to drive past this poster each time I go into town…

now I know our Prime Minister isn’t that photogenic, but to start a campaign with such an image shows just how poor British politics is. The Labour party are just as bad, in fact worse, their Ashes to Ashes “let’s get at Cameron” spoof backfired big time ….sheesh idiots.

If they remember Obama got elected on a message of hope and positivity, and he got the US pretty much behind him. Now you can argue with his politics ,but you can’t argue with how he won the election, and gave himself a year of voter goodwill, and in a really tough economic environment.

So you political candidates, for my vote, you’ll need to be way more positive…cos at the moment all I can see is petty people insulting each other. Let’s hope it improves, I want to hear clear policies from people of integrity.