Book lover, bassist, introvert,  works at Authentic Media with a shiny new MBA

I love books, faith, culture, music and technology so this blog will mainly focus on these areas, as that’s me. I’ve worked in the Christian media industry for nearly 20 years. I opened a bookshop in south London in the mid 90’s, and sold it 7 years  to oversee a larger chain of bookshops. This meant moving my family from London to Cumbria – which was a culture shock in itself.

As bookselling has changed,  my job role has changed pretty regularly, I’m now looking after Authentic Media, which is a publishing, distribution and retail company in the UK,

As a family we go to Kings Church in Cockermouth, a New Frontiers church which has some great people, lots of life and so much potential.

Blessed to be married to Karen, we have 3 grown up kids.

my tags would be something like – INTJ, MBA, Wal bass player, flaneur, entrepreneur.


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  1. As you say … I always find it disconcerting selling Baptism in Holy Spirit for £3.95 … especially as the price keeps going up … always makes me think of that shyster in Acts who got himself into a bit of a sticky wicket…

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