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Thank you Don

One of my favourite bloggers is Don Miller, author of Blue like Jazz

whose books I first discovered in a remainder warehouse in Waynesboro, Georgia!  So I’m really pleased this guy has become popular and is now a well read & influential Christian writer and blogger.

In his post today he asks the question ” Do you own your own successes?…he then writes about ways of reminding yourself of God’s faithfulness and previous successes when it seems failure is all around.

This is particularly poignant for me just coming out of a business that failed, leaving significant debts. I am clear in my mind that I myself could not have stopped the business failing, but I was still part of the team when it went down. There isn’t day that goes past when I don’t reflect on why, how, and what I could have, should have, done to prevent it. It still leaves a horrible feeling and a sense of failure, and awareness of the problems it caused many good people.

So to have a reminder in a blog post to consider those things that are successes in my life is very very valuable. Top of the list, and unsurprisingly, has to be my family, but oh how easy is it to take them for granted.  I can also think of lives changed through the bookshops I’ve run, and churches I’ve been a part of, and this is just for starters.

So I think tonight I will make a list of successes rather than failure. Then maybe sleep will come just a little easier.

Thank you Don

This has to get better

So an election is officially coming, depressingly, the opposing parties are have already reduced their campaigns to negative cheap shots at each other. I have to drive past this poster each time I go into town…

now I know our Prime Minister isn’t that photogenic, but to start a campaign with such an image shows just how poor British politics is. The Labour party are just as bad, in fact worse, their Ashes to Ashes “let’s get at Cameron” spoof backfired big time ….sheesh idiots.

If they remember Obama got elected on a message of hope and positivity, and he got the US pretty much behind him. Now you can argue with his politics ,but you can’t argue with how he won the election, and gave himself a year of voter goodwill, and in a really tough economic environment.

So you political candidates, for my vote, you’ll need to be way more positive…cos at the moment all I can see is petty people insulting each other. Let’s hope it improves, I want to hear clear policies from people of integrity.

Good Friday

At a meditation today in the Cathedral, we read a beautiful and poignant sonnet attributed to St Francis Xavier (1506-1552)…

Not because of your promised heaven
Do I wish to devote my love to you;
Nor from dread of a much-feared hell
Do I wish to cease from offending you.
You touch me, Lord, when I see you nailed –
Nailed on a cross – and I see you mocked;
And stirred by the sight of your body bruised,
By your sufferings too and by your death.
I am stirred by your love in such a way
That even without hope of heaven I shall love you
And without any fear of hell I shall fear you.
Naught you need give me that I may love you
For even without hoping for the hope that is mine
I shall love you, as love you I do.

… Amen