Envy of the simpler life.

There’s a guy that lives opposite me. I see him in from my bedroom window in the morning  when he lets his dogs outside. I see him from my office window as he works. He’s a joiner, a carpenter, and a good one, he’s fixed a lot of things in our home that I wasn’t able to, and he’s built stuff for us, from scratch, that I just wouldn’t know where to start.

He really only works locally, he’s well known, liked and respected. He grew up around here, he has his routines in place, and family and friends around him.

It seems to me that he has got the simpler life down to a tee. I find myself envying that.

I sometimes feel that with my life of corporate business development, sales, people connections, travel with multiple roles and varied projects that I can never really fully deliver, and that my brain is buzzing and my feet never really touch the ground.

My neighbour knows when he’s done a good job; he can see it in front of him, it’s physical, tangible, present and real.

Discovering that same sense of completion in a modern business environment is a whole different ball game. I need to search out the real successes more, and not let my lizard brain tell me that because your work is relational and broader that you aren’t delivering.

I’ve asked myself would I enjoy the simpler life of practical trade? My brain says “you can’t build a flat pack from IKEA, so why would you think you could do a trade?”

I love the idea of a simpler life and role, but I suspect my instincts to always look ahead for the next big idea, the next initiative, the next project would mean I would be always looking around, and not concentrating on the task at hand.

So I’m going to learn from my neighbour, and try and take pleasure, fulfilment and value from the simpler aspects of life. I am going to try and relax and enjoy just doing hands on stuff, as it’s value is as high as anything else in life.

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