Seth Godin may just be right

I’m reading Seth Godins book Linchpin.

For me it maybe the most important book since 7 Habits by Stephen Covey. It is really a stimulating read and a unique book, it’s not a business book or a self-help book, it goes far deeper than that. It challenges you to look at work very differently.

It describes work as “art” and “emotional labour”, and talks through the resistance, both conscious and unconscious that we put up against all releasing ourselves into achieving all that we want to achieve.

I’ve marked up the book all the way through, and will have to go back and read it again, write a synopsis for my journal, and then implement some of the changes in my life. One of the most powerful points that Seth Godin makes about creativity was the concept of “shipping”, which is being able to, and known to be able to turn ideas into action, and action into delivery.

Time to ship on the blog, hence the first post for 10 months!

That’s the power of books, which is I love being involved in bookselling.

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