London at midnight

    Last Wednesday I was standing in Piccadily Circus at midnight with hoards of people around me. The bars/coffee shops & restaurants were all open and buzzing. The pavements were full of people moving with purpose….

    Now I live in Cumbria where you struggle to find a restaurant open after 8pm.

    So I began reflecting on how different the world of London is to Carlisle.

    So here’s what I love about Cumbria…..

    1. No background noise of M25, A3, A406, A1 etc etc
    2. Walking around without an aeroplane droning overhead
    3. The views from my village of the back of Skiddaw, or Criffel in Scotland
    4. The gentler pace of life
    5. The way Cumbrians laugh at anything that happens further south than Kendal
    6. Carlisle Utd… the only team to support within 50 miles
    7. Farms
    8. The fact that Cumbrians don’t care what happens in London
    9. Being in the Fells in 20 mins
    10. Jennings Brewery

    Here’s what I love about London

    1. Vibrancy
    2. Progressive culture
    3. The vast number of people
    4. Resources
    5. Life after 8pm
    6. Friends
    7. Church
    8. The culture of optimism
    9. Money/Influence
    10. Foyles Bookshop

    So where would I really like to live…..

    Tues/Wed/Thurs – London
    Fri – Mon – Cumbria

    One day!

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