B&B rant

so why can’t us Brits run B&B’s ( bed & breakfasts) properly

Yep sorry but this is a rant…..

I stayed in a B&B last night in Bath, great city but what a rubbish B&B. The website made the place look great, but talk about over promise and under deliver! The room was tiny, the shower nonexistent, the walls paper-thin, the owner preferred not to take credit cards… the list of disappointments goes on and on.

I stay in a lot of hotels with work, not expensive ones, the regular budget chains, so not luxurious, but consistant, clean and good for business travellers. So when I had to go to Bath on a last minute visit, I couldn’t get into one of these hotels, so I booked for the same sort of price, a B&B. It was like going back 20 years, I half expected Basil Fawlty to walk out…( OK that was a hotel but you can see where I’m going).

So why can’t we do excellence as standard. When I travel to the US, they have a completely different view. Their start point is excellence as standard (which more often than not they are) rather than making you feel like you’ve an unwanted interruption .

Sorry rant over…am home now. with family who do make me feel wanted.

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