Monthly Archives: August 2007

back to the cathedral soon….

I’ve had a great break this summer, a wonderful week in Tuscany with friends, my brother got married this weekend, and back to work tomorrow, which I’m kind of looking forward to.

I read a number of great books on holiday, an advance proof of Everything must change by Brian Mclaren. An amazing read of how the kingdom of God should impact our world, and Banker to the Poor by Mohamed Yunus, the story of the Grameen Bank, whose micro banking is changing the lives of millions of the poorest people in the world. Something I find myself getting more and more drawn to.

Why is it that that too many churches don’t see this as important.

The church we attend as a family Kings Church Carlisle is a good place, but is so inward looking, this stuff is irrelevant to them.

Anyway the cathedral term starts soon, my son is a chorister, and I love the tranquilty, peace and tradition, it’s my spiritual oasis! Even if I know that doesn’t connect with real people in a way that is meaningful.

off on the merry-go-round we go again…..

Post 2

Well after a year of no action..I’ve re-visited my blog and yep…no-one’s read it, which is great it means I can post to my hearts content about all the stuff which is important to, family, culture, books, coffee, music, bass….etc etc….and I can chat away to no-one…lovely!